Summary 2nd day of the preliminary phaseAlthough the two semifinalists of group B, B.F. Sant Adrià and C.E.J. Hospitalet, in group A We did not know who will be the other semifinalist since the Israeli team got their ticket to the semifinals on the first day.

JET Terrassa and C.B. Cornellà Jugavan a key match to see who would be on the third place in group B. The match was dominated for many minutes by del Vallés, who did not take advantage of the mistakes of the enemy team to end the game, being punished with the defeat, where a CB Cornellà, competitive throughout the match, was able to align the score in the last quarter and then get ahead in the latest minutes.

The last match of group B, B.F. Sant Adrià and C.E.J. Hospitalet played the first place in the group and given the importance of it, the two teams came out very concentrated from the first minute of match. Although the locals got better fragmentary game that allowed them to gain an advantage on the scoreboard, the Hospitalet team managed to stay in the game. Step by step, the difference in the score was growing until it reached 30 points and then whe were sure who will be second finalist in group.

The last match of the regular phase played C.B. Horta Godella and Juventud de Badalona, where the winner would play the semifinals. The math would not disappoint for the equality of these ones and that despite a great performance from Godella they were able to get the first advantages. The Badalona had to fight in every action to be able to ge ton the lead and reach the start of the last quarter with a minimum advantage of 1 point. That led to a tight end, where the two teams could win, which finally made Youth side of Badalona winners.