Presentación 4a edición

Friday, December 27, the official presentation of the 4th edition of WITu18 was held.

Representatives of:
Mayor of Sant Boi: Il·lma. Mrs. Lluïsa Moret
Councilor of the municipality of Cornellá del Llobregat: Mr. Ot Garcia
President of the Catalan Basketball Federation: Mr. Ferran Aril
President Basquet Sant Boi: Joan Roncero
President Basquet Sant Boi: Manuel Estepa
WIT Director: Raúl Lorenzo

Javier Fernández representative of the Nacex company
Juan Valle representative of the Delta Business Center
Sigérico Fernández representative of the company Invernandez

Ramón Pérez representative of the GLT Sports company
Tamir Rattenbach representative of the European Sports Events company

We also have the presence of various media, which will cover one of the most important events of women’s basketball on the European scene in training categories.

During the presentation, the importance of women’s sport in society was highlighted and to have references in training basketball that serve future generations as a starting point for players who allow women’s basketball to continue with the successes.