Final Phase WIT NacexAfter a first phase of very intense matches, finally we are reaching the playoffs that will give us the first WIT Nacex champion. The final phase began with the semifinals between B.F. Sant Adrià vs Joventut Badalona and Selection d’Israel vs C.E.J. Hospitalet

The first semifinal between B.F. Sant Adrià and Joventut de Badalona, had a clear dominator. Sant Adrià did not give any chance to Badalona, despite efforts to try to be in the game, the differences were increasing with the passage of minutes.

The second semifinal between the Selection of Israel and C.E.J. Hospitalet, was more balanced than first, because both teams were from Israel. They had to work much harded. The result was not settled until the last quarter. Despite the failure of Gospitalet they made a amazing show, showed great game and fighting spirit.

The game between C.B. Horta Godella and JET Terrassa, was dominated from start to finish by  del Valles, which after finishing the first phase with zero victories, always had chances to win in some of them. That allowed them to qualify for the 5th and 6th place.

After settling which teams will play by 5 and 6 positions, C.B. Cornellà and JET Terrassa would face again. Although the first part was dominated by C.B. Cornellà at the end JET Terrassa managed to overcome and get ahead on the scoreboard and win.

C.E.J. Hospitalet and Joventud de Badalona played a very equal and exciting game, where until the last minutes it was not defined who will win. Although the partial output of the Hospitalet, Badalona based on perseverance and believe in victory, managed to overcome the difference on the scoreboard. Despite the efforts of the local team, they did not achieve of victory.

The first final of WIT Nacex was played by the Selection of Israel and B.F. Sant Adrià. An even final was anticipated after the results of the previous matches, which both team ends their matches by victorie, without many difficulties. The final match was dominated by Sant Adrià all time. Despite the efforts of the players of Israel, they could not reduce the differences to less than ten points. Mistakes, greaters hits and cheering fans, allowed B.F. Sant Adrià get the title.